Sunday, May 22, 2011

Great Deals in the Sunday Paper Today!

Today my local paper actually had more coupons than the Raleigh News and Observer, which is unusual. Perhaps my local paper is finally getting the message- MORE COUPONS PLEASE!

The local paper had two inserts today- Smart Source and Red Plum. Many of today's coupons worked great with the triple coupon sale at Harris Teeter this week. Below are a few of the deals that I saw that match up with coupons from today's paper: (all of the below coupons triple)

Smucker's Jelly $.55 off- makes the jelly FREE

Pringles- $.50 off- makes the Pringles FREE

Degree Deoderant- $.75 off- makes the deoderant $.25

Lipton Tea Bags $.40 off- makes the tea $.09

Knoor Rice and Pasta Sides- $.50 off of two- makes each bag $.25

Country Crock Butter- $.50 off- makes the pack of sticks $.17 and makes the BIG tub $.64

Chock Full of Nuts BIG 26 oz coffee- $.75 off- makes the coffee $3.74 (it's normally $8!)

M&Ms- I can't remember the value of the coupon but I believe it made the M&Ms free when you buy two of the $.99 bags

Butterball Polish  Turkey Sausage- $.65 off- makes the sausage $1.20

Snyders Pretzel Sandwiches- $.75 off- makes them $.75

300 Count Q-Tips- $.30 off- makes the Q-tips $1.50

Those were just the deals that appealed to ME! Take a look in your Sunday Paper today to see what other deals are waiting for YOU!

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