Sunday, May 15, 2011

No-Work Couponing!

I love it when I'm shopping and see coupons attached to product. I love it even more when that product also happens to be on sale. I really REALLY love it when the coupon attached to the product doubles and makes the item an even better deal!

That happened to me this morning at Harris Teeter in Ogden. I ran out to grab some pickles and hotdog buns for a cookout. I passed the Nature's Own Specialty Breads and saw that they had $.55 off coupons attached to them. These loaves of bread are normally $3.89 each but they were on sale for Buy One Get One (BOGO), so that made each loaf only $1.94 each. The $.55 off coupon attached to it doubled to $1.10 off, thus making the bread only $.84! That is a great deal for quality bread. The Nature's Own Specialty breads come in several varieties; all of them healthy. You can choose from Whole Wheat, Wheat Berry, Honey Wheat, Double Fiber and a couple of others. Here is a link to their website for more info on the breads. I just ate a piece and let me tell you, they are delicious!

This brings me to another point- there are so many coupons for healthy items. So often people think couponing is only for processed food. That is certainly not true nowadays. Manufacturers of all types of products are offering coupons for their items; you just have to find them! Today, finding the coupons were super easy, as they were right there, attached to the product.

I may go back later and get a few more loaves, as I have been told (thanks Tracy) that bread freezes and thaws very easily, so when it goes on sale it's a good idea to get several loaves.

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  1. Hi Delly,

    I hope they still have the bread on sale tomorrow (Tuesday) since I will most likely be there then. :) thanks for the mention! I hope your family likes thawed out bread :)