Sunday, May 1, 2011

Free (or Cheap) Beef at Harris Teeter

I grabbed a nice little deal today at Harris Teeter.

I noticed that Grande Tortilla Chips are on sale 2 for $5. They are normally $3 a piece, so this was already a good deal.

Then, I saw that on most of the bags were sitting coupons for $1.50 off of a beef purchase when you buy two bags of Grande Chips. Since this week is Super Doubles, that doubled to $3.00 off of the purchase of meat.

So, I went over to the meat area and grabbed some Angus Ground Beef that was on sale. I think it was $4.19. So, I ended up with a little over a pound of ground beef for only $1 and some change.

I did not see any stipulations on what kind of beef you must purchase to do this deal, so I imagine that you could potentially purchase a pound of meat that was on sale (for example, the cubed steak is on sale this week there for $2.99/pound) and after the $3 discount from Super double Coupons, you might get the meat for free!

Even better is that I grabbed two Grande Bags, both with the meat coupons. So, I still have another $1.50 off of meat coupon left. I will probably go back tomorrow and use that one. I might even get two more bags of Chips to stock up, which will also net me two additional meat coupons.

It is rare to find meat coupons, so this was an especially exciting deal!


  1. Hi Delly! I am so excited to follow you and your great tips for couponing. I found you through a mutual friend, Tracy. We don't have a Harris Teeter, but I'm sure I will be able to learn some new things to apply to where I am.

  2. Hi Lynda!

    Thank you for your nice comment! Isn't it wonderful knowing Tracy? She is such an amazing person and mother. I hope you are able to learn something from my blog. Knowing that people are reading inspires me to keep writing!