Sunday, May 15, 2011

To Double or Not to Double- That is the Question!

Did you notice that some of your coupons have written on them, "Do not Double?" Sometimes they will say, "Do not Double or Triple." When I see that, it's always a bummer for me, but if it's the manufacturer's wish, there is nothing I can do.

However, there is one little trick that works. Take a look at the bar code on the coupon. The bar codes either start with the number "5" or the number "9." Fortunately, most start with the number "5." This means that the coupon will double at the register anyways, regardless of what the coupon says. It is up to the cashier to take the time to pull the coupon and "undouble it." How often do you think the cashiers do this? If you guessed "not very often" then you are right!

I just wanted to point this out so that people are aware. More times than not, you will get a coupon with instructions not to double but it will double anyways because the cashier does not notice. I hate to say this but I do not feel that it's my responsibility as a customer to point this out to the cashier. If he/she notices, and stops the coupon from doubling, I do not argue, as they are simply doing their job. However, I'll be the first to say that I certainly don't mind when they don't do their job every now and then, lol.......

Next time you have a coupon, be sure to take a look at those bar codes and maybe you'll get the lucky cashier! For more information on bar codes, take a look at this handy tutorial from Publix grocery stores.

For Barcode tutorial click HERE

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