Thursday, October 27, 2011

Awesome Vaseline Lotion Deal at Target!

Thanks to Betty R. from my Facebook page, I was able to take advantage of a GREAT deal on Vaseline at Target today!

The 20.3 oz (big size) Vaseline Lotion is on sale for $4.99. If you buy two of them, you receive a $5 Target gift card immediately at the register. $9.98-$5.00 makes it basically $4.98 for both, which is already a good deal.

Betty informed me that attached to some of these lotions was a bonus 10 oz Vaseline for free! Sure enough, I went and was able to get two of the big 20.3 oz lotions, each having a 10 oz bonus attached. So, it was like paying $4.98 for four lotions.

But wait.....the deal gets even better! Betty also informed me that there were coupons from the October 2nd paper for Buy one get one free Vaseline lotion. I used two of the coupons and was able to get two additional 13 oz size Vaseline lotions for FREE! 

In the end, I paid out of pocket $9.98 for six bottles of lotion and then got a $5 gift card, so that made it like paying $4.98 for everything. I immediately used the gift card to buy some strawberries (Target has the best price around on strawberries- only $1.79 for a pound).

Target does issue rain checks, so if they are out of lotion, be sure to get one. The Wilmington Target was running a little low, but still had the Men's Vaseline in the big sizes with the bonus lotion. I don't know when they re-stock, but I imagine they will before Saturday. Those of you in other cities may have better selection.

One more thing worth mentioning- there were a variety of types of Vaseline lotion that will qualify for the deal- I got the Vaseline for Men, the Aloe Vera version and the Vaseline basic. I also saw an unscented white bottle, I think it was Intensive Therapy. I plan on giving away some of the Men's lotion to my father and brother.

Keep in mind that Target's sales run differently from the grocery store; at Target, the new sales start each Sunday, so you have until Saturday night to get this deal at Target.

What a great deal! Thank you, Betty for sharing!

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