Monday, October 31, 2011

Free Redbox Rental- Totinos Pizza and Movie Night

Earn up to three free movie rentals with Redbox when you buy Totinos Pizzas!

Simply buy four Totinos Pizzas and enter their codes online here. For every four codes you enter, you will receive one free movie rental at a Redbox kiosk. After you enter your codes online, a Redbox free rental code will print out for you to use when renting a movie. There is a limit of three free movies per household through June 1st.

Keep in mind that you can still use paper and digital coupons when buying your pizzas. I suggest waiting for them to go on sale and then using paper coupons and digital coupons to bring down the cost. There have been times where I've gotten Totinos for $.25-$.50 a piece by using the coupons with a sale!

Also, if you are prone to forgetting about this deal, you could stock up and get as many pizzas as you can afford or have space for and then redeem all the codes at once.

The great news is that this offer will run continuously through June 1st, 2012, so you have plenty of time to try it out!

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