Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Staples- FREE Batteries (Pretty Much)

 The Staples battery deal has come around once again and I love it!

Several times a year Staples gives 100% back in rewards when you buy packs of Duracell AA and AAA batteries. You can then take those Staples rewards and buy anything else in the store that you need- copies, office supplies, ink, etc. (I tend to use mine to get free or discounted HP printer ink).

Here's how it works: You must first have a Staples rewards card. If you do not currently have one, just ask at the front counter and they'll be glad to help you sign up immediately.

Then, you must buy the 16 pack AA or AAA batteries. I believe they are $9.99. You will pay for them at the counter, regular price, but then several weeks later in your e-mail or postal mail if you prefer, you will receive a full rebate for them in the form of a Staples reward certificate. You can then print out your reward and then bring it into Staples to buy anything else in the store with it!

A couple of notes- your rewards must equal $10 or more before you get the redemption certificate. So, if you never buy anything else at Staples other than this battery deal, you will need to buy at least 2 packs to get to the $10 reward minimum, since one pack is only $9.99. Me personally, I buy lots of things at Staples because they constantly run great deals, plus I make all my copies there. I earn rewards on everything I buy and get them back in the form of a staples rewards that I use in-store later. 

Each rewards customer is limited to two packs of batteries per week and you can do this weekly until October 29th. So, you could get two packs this week, and then after the 23rd you can go back and do it again. This is a great time to stock up for Christmas toy batteries!

For those in Wilmington, there are now two Staples stores. One is near Sam's Club on N. College Rd. and the other is in Monkey Junction.

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