Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dove/Unilever Promotion Going on this Week

Today I finally got around to taking advantage of a promotion going on this week for Dove and Unilver products. Unilever makes products such as Degree deoderant, Dove, Axe for men, and Vaseline lotions. This was a welcome promotion for me, since my children have sensitive skin and have to use Dove. I also use it. 

Ironically, we ran out of Dove three weeks ago and finally, last week, BEFORE the promo started my husband told me to stop waiting and please go to the store and buy some Dove for the kids, lol......I had been waiting and waiting because I knew a sale was coming. Unfortunately, I went on to CVS and spent $8.99 on a six pack of Dove, which I hated to do. At least I used some CVS Extra Care Bucks that I had earned to pay for it with. Of course, after I bought it, the promo started two days later at Harris Teeter.

Going on in several stores this week is the Dove/Unilever promotion. At Harris Teeter, if you buy $15 worth of those products, you will get $5 instantly off your bill at checkout. At the drug stores, specifically CVS, if you do the promo, you will buy $15 worth of the products and then after you pay you will get back a CVS Extra Care Buck for $5, which is basically money that can be used inside of CVS for other products. The promo is also going on at Rite Aid and works the same way as CVS- buy $15 worth, and get back $5 in +UP rewards after you pay, which can be spent inside of Rite Aid on something else that you need.

I personally did the deal at Harris Teeter today because I would rather get the $5 off right away than have to pay and then get it back at the drug stores. See below what I did at Harris Teeter:

I bought:

2 6-packs of Dove (12 bars)
1 Dove for Men Body Wash (smells soooo good!)

I used:
2 coupons from the Raleigh Sunday paper Red Plum insert for $.75 off; these both doubled
1 coupon from the Raleigh Sunday paper Red Plum insert for $1.00 off

At the register:
$5.00 came off my total bill before I paid

Total out of pocket: $10.12!!! (that included $1.12 of tax)

Normally, with no sale and no coupon, those items would have cost $24.62! Keep in mind that I just paid $8.99 the week before for the same size of Dove from CVS.

Be sure that when you do these promos, you get the items specifically mentioned in the store sales flyer or on the shelf that qualify. It is certain sizes and brands, but there were plenty to choose from. You can see the flyer from Harris Teeter here. The promotion is listed in the CVS and Rite Aid flyer there as well.

If you want to do the deal at Harris Teeter, you will need to go today, as today is the last day of the promo there. I would have done it sooner, but I had to wait for the coupons to arrive in the paper on Sunday. If you miss the promo at Harris Teeter, you can still do the deal at CVS or Rite Aid through Saturday. Just remember that at the drug stores, your $5 credit will not come off until after you pay and you will actually get it back in the form of a store coupon. You could then turn around and use that $5 to buy something else you needed.

One last thing about these promos- you only have to buy $15 worth of product BEFORE the coupons! Isn't that great news? So, as long as the products add up to $15 first, you can then apply coupons to lower what you actually pay. That's why I love these promos so much. As an added bonus, all of the matching coupons were in Sunday's newspaper, so if you got the paper on Sunday, you are good to go!

ADDENDUM: Food Lion is participating in the Unilever Promo this week, October 5th- October 11th. Your coupon will not double, but you can still use them to bring down the cost on the items and still get $5 off $15 purchase!

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