Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wendy's Coupon Booklets

I recently posted about Burger King's coupon booklets, where you pay $1 but get $8 in free food products.

Now Wendy's is offering their coupon booklets where you pay $1 and get $10 worth of free items at Wendy's. These are great for passing out for Halloween.

I haven't bought any, so I'm not sure if each coupon is for a frosty or if they throw in some other choices, too. I will report back once I know, or if you know, please leave a comment.

I did speak with the manager at Wendy's in Porter's Neck and he told me they have plenty in stock and that they will be honored through the end of the year. He said they are available at all Wendy's in the area. 

These coupons also make great, money saving incentives for your kids. Of course, if you yourself enjoy the occasional Frosty, this booklet is certainly a cost-effective way to get them!

*Thank you Karen C. for sharing this info with me!

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