Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Harris Teeter Weekly Trip Plus FREE Nut Thins Promo!

 Pictured: Carpet Fresh, HT Bacon Low Sodium, 2 Boxes of Colgate Cavity Free toothpaste, 1 lb. Dole Strawberries, 2 Lenders Bagels Blueberry, 2 8-packs of Gogurt Yogurt Snacks (I got the dye-free version), 4 boxes of Blue Diamond Nut Thins, 1 50 oz Gain Joyful Expressions Detergent, 5 cans of DelMonte Veggies, Half Gallon Lactaid Lactose Free Milk 1%, Grande Chips, 1 Harris Teeter Brand Pepperoni Pizza, Smart Balance Veggie Oil, Gillette Men's Deoderant Total Price: 20.63

I did a trip to Harris Teeter in Mayfaire this morning. I was disappointed last night because it was raining so hard that I decided not to go out and grab a few last minute deals from last week's ad, such as the Meal Deal (I missed out on it). To my surprise, a couple of last week's deals carried over to this week, so I was able to get them. One example is the Gain 50 oz detergent- it is still on sale for $4.99, so after EVIC coupon and paper coupon I only paid $1.99. 

We are stocked up on meat so I didn't need a huge amount of things. I was mainly going to grab the best deals that I noticed for this week. Lender's Bagels are B1G1 $1.99 this week, making them only $1.00 each, a really great deal, no coupon used. I also got the Colgate Toothpaste for $.50 after using a $.50 coupon that doubled. It's currently on sale for $1.50 each.

The Grande chips are $1.50 on sale; if you use the coupon from Sept. 11th newspaper to make them only $.50. The Delmonte Veggies (Corn and Green Beans) are B2G3 free, making them cost around $.55 a piece. The Simply Gogurt yogurt snacks are on sale for $2; I used a $.75 off coupon which doubled plus a digital coupon for .75 to make them only $.88 each box. Fresh strawberries are $2.00 each. 

Another deal to mention is the Harris Teeter pizza. They are priced 3 for $10, and I think that is just the normal price. I had a $1 off coupon from a few months back in the Sunday paper, making it only $2.33. Do you remember those Harris Teeter coupons that came in the paper almost two months ago? Well, they expire on October 25th. Another good one was for the HT Paper Towels; I believe it was for $2 or $3 off, and they are on EVIC sale this week, so this is definitely the time to use it.

Finally, my favorite deal was the Nut Thins. They ended up being practically free! I will explain in a separate post what that means.

I need a few other things but will save them for Saturday, since I like to grab the Saturday specials. Let me know what deals you spot this week!

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