Sunday, October 9, 2011

Star News Versus News and Observer

Not much can top last week's coupons! Last week, both newspapers were LOADED! It took me quite some time to cut them all (even using my time-saving method), so this week a break was definitely welcome.

There were pretty decent coupons this week. I checked several copies of both the Raleigh News and Observer and the Wilmington Star News. I found two inserts in the Raleigh paper, and one insert in the Wilmington paper. The Wilmington insert was very thin, so I highly suggest the Raleigh one if you can get your hands on it.

My Wilmington paper had one Smart Source insert. It was a smaller version of the Raleigh Smart Source insert; I did not see any additional coupons in it that weren't already in the Raleigh paper. Let me know if you did.

My Raleigh paper had a Smart Source and a Red Plum. As a bonus, there were Olive Garden coupons on the back of the Smart Source and Subway coupons on the front of the Red Plum!

Highlights of the Smart Source insert include a coupon for a FREE Dr. Pepper TEN 2 liter. This was also found in the Wilmington insert. Even better is the "Try Me Free" Fleischman Homemade Bread coupon in the Raleigh Smart Source! That alone is worth the cost of the entire newspaper! Interestingly, the same coupon is included in the Wilmington paper but instead of "FREE" it says ".75 off." $.75 off is still a very generous coupon, especially if the bread costs $1.50. I have no idea how much the bread costs, though.

I also liked the Butterball Turkey bacon and sausage coupon, the Carpet Fresh coupon for $1 off (wait for it to go on sale for $1 and it will be free). I also liked the Nature Valley Granola thins coupon in the Raleigh Smart Source for $.75 off. In addition, I saw some Dole Fruit Smoothie coupons in the Raleigh paper and Dole Fresh Fruit single serve coupons. Finally, I noticed a "try me FREE" rebate for Lysol wipes in the Raleigh Smart Source. I did not see these in the Wilmington insert.

The Raleigh Red Plum was thinner, with only a few decent coupons. There was medicine- Dimetapp, Mars Candy coupons, Pupperoni for dogs, and Land-O-Frost bistro favorites deli meat that looks interesting. Nothing to get too excited about, but still definitely worth the $2.00 for the paper.

Overall, not a bad week, especially considering the freebies you can get in this week's paper, especially the Raleigh News and Observer!

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