Sunday, October 28, 2012

CVS Awesome Pampers Deal- Saved 73%!

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I'm so pumped about paying $3.24 per pack for diapers that would normally run me $11.99 per pack! I saved 73% off the regular price. Here's how I did it at CVS:

I bought: 4 packs of Pampers Diapers (on sale for $8.99)

I used: 4 manufacturer's coupons for $2.00 off (found in the today's October 28th Proctor and Gamble insert)

I also used: 1 CVS coupon for $5.00 off any baby purchase (came from the CVS card scanner machine. You may not get this same coupon but instead you could use any 25% or 20% off coupon from CVS that you get or any Extrabucks that you earned previously). 

4 Diapers: $35.96
4 Pampers Coupons: -$8.00 (brings total to $27.96)
1 CVS Coupon: -$5.00 (brings total to $22.96)

That makes each pack only $5.74, which is already awesome. Makes them about 14 cents each. gets better! After paying, I got back $10 in Extrabucks from the buy $30 worth P&G and get $10 back promo that CVS is running. So if you count the Extrabucks that I earned, I paid $3.24 per pack or 8 cents per diaper! Compare that to Sam's Club's Price of 19 cents per diaper!

Just another reason why I LOVE CVS! This sale runs through Thank you to Jennifer from Spend Less Shop More for tipping me off to the deal.

All participants leave with FREE coupons!

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  1. Delly - don't the P&G inserts also come out in the adpak or Encore papers? I can't remember if they still do and when the come out...