Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Harris Teeter General Mills Promo- Yoplait Cups less than at Sam's Club!

General Mills Promo this Week at Harris Teeter. Buy 15 of any of the above items (click flyer) and get $5 off automatically at the register! Don't forget to use your coupons, too to save even more!

Once again Harris Teeter has provided me with another easy example of why I rarely shop at Warehouse Clubs anymore. Most of the time when I use sale prices plus a coupon the price is way lower at the grocery store. Sometimes, just the sale alone makes the item cheaper but adding the coupon makes it ridiculously low!

I've done these examples with laundry detergent, diapers, chips and probably several other items that I can't recall. This week I'm doing it with Yoplait yogurt.

Yoplait 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt is $.98 each at Sams Club. Their website states that you can buy a 12 count pack for $10.38, making each cup $.86.

At Harris Teeter, the same yogurt is on sale for $1.00 each (only 2 cents more than Sam's Club). 

Even better news is that I've seen coupons for this yogurt. You can print some here free on my website for $.50 off 2 (see coupon center on left and click "See all coupons") or if you've been collecting your coupons, there was a $.50 off 2 coupon in the paper in Smart Source on Sept. 9th. Buy 2 cups of yogurt and use the coupon and you pay only $.50 each. That's far better than Sam's Club price of $.86 each.

Even better, there is also a Harris Teeter EVIC coupon for $.50 off 2 cups. If you use that along with the paper coupon it will save you an additional $.50 (EVIC coupons do not double). So, if you bought 2 yogurts, used a $.50 off 2 paper coupon and the $.50 off 2 EVIC coupon, your total for two would be $.50. In other words, they'd be $.25 each, compared to Sam's Club's price of $.86 each!

Yoplait 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt
Harris Teeter: $1.00 each
Use: $.50 off 2 coupon from Sunday paper (Smart Source 9/9)
Use: $.50 off 2 coupon from HT EVIC email
Total: $.50 for 2 ($.25 each)!

What if you really want to stock up on Greek yogurt this week and buy a lot like you would at Sam's Club? This week at Harris Teeter, there is another General Mills Promo (click flyer below to see all the details). 

It's super easy- buy any combo of 15 items from the flyer and $5 will be automatically deducted from your bill. One of the choices is the Greek Yogurt. If you go ahead and buy 15, you would get $5 off, making the cost $10 for 15, or $.50 each. Compare that to Sam's Club's price of $.86 each.
General Mills Promo at Harris Teeter- 
Buy 15 items and get $5 off your bill!

Best case scenario- you're able to get your hands on 3 coupons for $.50 off 2. That would save you an additional $3 off plus you could use the EVIC coupon for $.50 off 2, making your total for 15 yogurts only $6.50 or $.43 each, compared to Sam's Club's $.86 each. In other words, at Harris Teeter you would get 15 cups for $6.50 while at Sam's Club you would get 12 cups for $10.38. Big difference, huh?

I hope this example has shown you once again why it pays to shop sales at a grocery store AND how it really pays to use coupons!

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