Friday, July 20, 2012

Candy Bar Sale at Rite Aid!

 Candy bar sale- paid $1.50 plus tax (avg. of $.18 per candy bar)

OK- so I'll admit to being a little ashamed of posting this, but I'll justify it by saying that there are many reasons people might want to stock up on candy bars. Maybe you're a teacher or youth group leader who wants to use them for a prize box. Maybe you have teenagers who are going to buy them anyways and you'd rather get them on sale than have your teenager grab them at the convenience store for three times the price. Maybe you're on the ABS or Low Carb diet and this is one of your freebie day items.

Whatever the reason, if you do like candy bars, this is the week to get them at Rite Aid. They are 2 for $1.00, select sizes of MARS brand candy bars. They should be clearly marked, so only grab the ones that have the 2 for $1 sign. By the way, you DO have to buy 2 to get the great price. If you buy one it will be $.99, so you may as well grab two.

Now here's where the magic comes in- add coupons to the mix and you can get some of them FREE! Here's the deal:

Milky Way (FREE)

Buy two and use this $1.00 off 2 coupon from Coupon Network. It's that easy- the two candy bars will ring up to $1.00 and your coupon will remove the $1.00. They are both FREE!

Twix ($.25 each)

Buy two and use a $.50 off 2 coupon. I printed the coupon off the coupon center on my website a few weeks ago. It is no longer there, but if you happened to have printed it this is a great time to use it. This is why I recommend printing coupons in advance when you see one that you might use. You never know how long it will remain available!

Snickers ($.50 each) 

I just wanted these- I did not have a coupon, although I hear there may have been some tear pad coupons out there to use on MARS candy bars for $.50 off 2.

The sale ends Saturday night, July 21st, so drop by before then to get the great deals!


  1. I cannot find the $1 off of 2 milky way coupon on the link you posted, is it no longer available? thanks Ashley

  2. Hi Ashley,

    Sometimes once so many people have printed it, they remove the coupon. I just looked and couldn't find it either, so I guess that's what happened. Sorry :(