Monday, July 16, 2012

My Lowes Foods Triple Couponing Trip- Spent $11.20 and saved $54.65!!

 Cereal Deals are the name of the game right now- 3 Boxes of Crunchy Nut Cereal, 4 Fruity/Cocoa Pebbles, 2 Frosted Flakes, 2 Honey Nut Cheerios, 2 Total Raisin Bran, 2 Motts/Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks, 2 Borden Sliced Cheese 16 ct., 1 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce
 Total: $11.20 plus tax after coupons ($65.85 before)

On Sunday afternoon, I made the trek with my 3-year old daughter to the Lowes Foods in Leland to check out their Triple Couponing Event.

Normally, I wouldn't take one of my children with me shopping, but since it was the weekend, my husband agreed to watch our boys if I would at least take my daughter. So, we made a fun day of it. She's a trooper- she fell asleep while we were driving to Leland and I had to wake her up before going into the store. I was a little worried that she'd be grumpy but she was excited to push one of the kiddie grocery carts and help me with the trip!

My daughter, excited to push her grocery cart. 
We had it loaded down by the time checkout came around!

I am so impressed with the Leland Lowes Foods. It is a beautiful, clean, well organized store and the staff was so nice and helpful. Unlike most special couponing events, the store was well-stocked. Everything I wanted to get with my coupons was in-stock. I didn't have to ask for any rain-checks. My only complaint was that shopping took me a little longer because the aisles seemed to be organized differently than I'm used to. Frozen and refrigerated were on opposite sides of the store and some of the aisles were in different locations so I really had to look for things.

Here is a breakdown of what I bought:

FREE Items:

Frosted Flakes (used $.70 off coupon from 7/8 paper)
KC Masterpiece Honey BBQ Sauce (used coupon from Sunday paper- not sure of date)

CHEAP Items:

Total Raisin Bran ($2.99- $.50 off coupon that tripled= $1.49)
Motts and Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks- ($2.00-$.50 off coupon that tripled= $.50)
Crunchy Nut Cereals ($2.50-$.70 off coupon that tripled= $.40 per box)
Borden Cheese (2.50-$.55 off coupon that tripled- $.85)
Honey Nut Cheerios (2.99-.50 off coupon that tripled- $1.49 per box)
Post Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles ($2.00- $.55 off coupon that tripled- $.35 per box)

Total: $11.20 plus tax! I saved $54.65!


I bought four boxes of Fruity Pebbles for a grand total of $1.40. After paying, a Catalina coupon printed out for $3.00 off my next order! Counting the coupon, I actually MADE $1.60 for buying the cereal.

I wanted to earn some fuel rewards for money off my gas (see page 4 of the Lowes Foods Sales Flyer). You must buy certain items to qualify and I had coupons for the Total Cereal and the Cheerios. I bought two boxes of each and earned $.20 off per gallon the next time I get gas at Wilco/Hess. So, I'm waiting until my car gets a little lower on gas so that I can really maximize that $.20 savings. If I buy 20 gallons, that would be a savings of $4 additional on my gas.

I also did a second transaction. I was told I could do 20 coupons per transaction, so since I had about 28 coupons, I split the transactions up and paid separate for the first 20 and second 8 coupons. My second trip wasn't as dramatic, since it included some meat, milk and also two battery toothbrushes for my children, but I still saved $26.41.


My second trip wasn't as dramatic because I bought some meats, battery toothbrushes and a few things that I needed but did not have coupons for. 
Still, I got some great deals and tripled 8 more coupons!

Hillshire Farms Deli Select Turkey Meat ($3.79-$.35 coupon that tripled= $2.74)
Almond Milk- ($3.29- $.55 coupon that tripled= $1.64)
Tyson Chicken Nuggets ($5-$.75 coupon that tripled= $2.75)
Pagoda Express Wontons ($2.50- $1.00 off= $1.00)
Butterball Turkey Rope Sausage ($3.29- $.55 coupon that tripled= $1.64)

The good (and bad) news is that Lowes Foods is tripling indefinitely. This is good because it means this could go on for weeks. It is bad because it could end tomorrow. So, I would suggest calling before you head over and definitely confirm with someone before shopping because there is no signage anywhere to indicate that they are tripling.

Let me know what kinds of deals you find!


  1. I went today (7/16) and there was no signage, so you do have to ask first. The store was clean and took a little getting used to the layout, but the lower shelves and natural lighting made for a strangely pleasant shopping trip! My husband is tall, so it was easy to see where he was (or for him to see me) but also to have a good view of the other aisles and where to find something rather than having to go to the end of an aisle and crane your neck! We even stopped by the Leland Walmart and was surprised to find wider aisles and a super clean store there too.

  2. I agree- the stores in Leland do seem to be nicer for some reason :) Maybe it's the newness and less people, too.....thanks for sharing!