Saturday, September 1, 2012

Harris Teeter Saturday Special- $2.97 for K-Cup 12 packs!

I am SO excited about this Saturday's special at Harris Teeter. Saturday only, Green Mountain K-Cup Coffee 12 count packs will be only $3.97 per box.

There are also coupons available at for $1.00 off, which would make them only $2.97 per 12-count box. That is an awesome deal! Even better is that there is a limit of four, so you can really stock up and have as many as 48 K-Cups to use.

Let's put it in perspective- at Sam's Club, they work out to be 43.8 cents per K-Cup. Even without using coupons, they work out to be 33 cents per K-Cup at Harris Teeter tomorrow, costing you only $15.88 for 48 cups versus $34.98 for 80 cups at Sam's Club. 

Now, let's do some coupon magic. Let's say you buy 2 boxes tomorrow at Harris Teeter AND use 2 internet coupons from to save yourself $1.00 off per box. You would pay a grand total of $5.94 for 24 K-Cups, which makes them 24.7 cents per K-Cup versus the Sam's Club price of 43.8 cents per cup. In other words, they are ALMOST twice as much at Sam's Club.

Just another example (scroll through my website to see many others) of how shopping sales with coupons beats warehouse club prices pretty much every time!

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