Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sam's Club Baby Products/Diaper/Formula Offer- Earn $10 Gift Card!

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I rarely buy diapers or any baby supplies at Sam's Club. Usually, I can do better by using coupons on sales, especially when the diaper companies run promos at the drug store or occasionally grocery stores. Click here to see one of my recent articles about how I save money on diapers.

However, I know there are many people who prefer to buy in bulk at Sam's Club (although more costly than using coupons and sales, I will admit this is certainly more convenient).

Rarely do the diaper companies offer promos at warehouse clubs but Sam's Club sent me an email about a promo they are offering at Sam's Club through September 30th. If you buy two of the qualifying products, you will receive a $10 Sams Club gift card through the mail. Pretty easy!

Qualifying products are:

Any Pampers Cruisers
Any Pampers Swaddlers
Pampers Soft Care Wipes
Pampers Sensitive Wipes
Dreft HE Laundry Detergent
Any Similac Powder or Ready to Feed
Any PediaSure

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You do have to go online to to fill out a form to receive your $10 gift card after you've made your purchase.

I checked prices on their diapers online to compare. Counting the $10 gift card, Pampers Cruisers size four, would be 19 cents per diaper. Not too bad, although I've gotten diapers on sale at CVS with coupons and a promo for 16 cents per diaper.

Wipes come out to be 1.6 cents per wipe, counting the $10 gift card. That is a pretty good deal. Again, I've done better but it doesn't get too much cheaper than 1 cent per wipe. It might be worth it considering the low price plus the fact that you would be stocked up on wipes for quite some time!

Let me know if you decide to do the promo and how it works for you!

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