Monday, March 26, 2012

Awesome Deal on Special K and FREE Milk at Lowes Foods!

 I paid $4.29 + tax for three boxes of Special K AND a gallon of milk at Lowes Foods! 
Pre-coupon and sales total would have been 15.26. Love it!

I have to give major props and thanks to Brittney F. for sharing this easy deal on the Delly's Deals FB page. I'm so sorry I did not notice it earlier, but the good news is that you still have today and tomorrow to grab it!

Basically, Lowes Foods is running a promotion where if you buy 3 boxes of Kellogs cereals you get $3 off automatically at the register. No coupon needed- love it! Naturally, you want to chose cereals that are on sale to make the deal even better. Also, if you have any coupons for the cereals the deal is even better (there are some floating around out there; look in your binder or use my database to find one).

I chose the Special K Red Berries and Regular Special K because they are on sale 2 for $5. Also, I got a Special K Oats and Honey because I had a $.70 off coupon for it and after doubling it saved me $1.40 on that box.

To make things even better, select boxes of the Special K Red Berries have coupons on them that say "$3.00 off a gallon of milk when you buy 3 boxes." I had to look through them but sure enough I found the boxes with the coupons! There were also more at the end of the aisle, too, by the way.

Since milk is on sale for $2.88 at Lowes Foods this week (already a great deal), the $3.00 off made the milk FREE! Yay! PLUS, Lowes foods let me keep the overage of $.12.

So the deal looked like this for me:

2 Boxes of Special K Red Berries/Regular: $5.00
1 Box of Special K Oats and Honey: $3.69-$1.40 coupon= 2.29
$3 Discount at the Register -$3.00
Milk- FREE after coupon on cereal

Total: $4.29 + tax!

So in the end, for $4.29 plus tax I got three boxes of Special K Cereals AND a gallon of milk for only $4.29. At some places the milk alone would have cost that much! Actually, milk is $4.19 at Lowes Foods when not on sale.

One last thing- with all the excitement about triples this week at Harris Teeter, I am regretting not paying more attention to Lowes Foods' ad because while in there today I noticed lots of great specials, including 80% ground beef for $1.97 per pound and B1G1 free personal watermelon and pineapples. 

More and more I'm becoming super impressed with Lowes Foods' ads!

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