Monday, March 19, 2012

Neosporin Freebies and Money Maker at Walgreens

Did you notice the FREE Neosporin deal going on Essentials Trial Pack Deal going on right now at Walgreens? I think Neosporin is something that pretty much everyone can use so I was excited to see this deal. Here's how it works.

The trial pack is on sale for $12.99. You can use this coupon to get an additional $5 off! So at the register, you will pay $7.99 plus tax.

Then, there is a simple rebate form to print online at Go there, print and fill out the form and mail it in by April 15th and you will receive a rebate check in the mail for $12.99. Thus, you come out $5 ahead, having made $5 on the deal.

It is a little extra work than normal, having to deal with the rebate, but to make $5 off the product I will probably go through with it! Be sure to get a rain check if they are out because you can still do this deal and pay the sale price next week if you grab that rain check.

One question I always get is, "Will the company give me the full rebate even though I only paid $7.99? Won't they only refund me $7.99, then?" 

My experience with these rebates has been that I always get the full price regardless of any coupons I redeemed. So, unless this time is different, you should still get the $12.99 back, even if you use a coupon to pay less than that. 

Let me know how it turns out for you!

PS- Other Walgreens freebies this week include The 14-day Acai Berry Fat Burn Cleanse. Pay $10 and Walgreens will immediately give you a $10 Register Reward back at the register. 

Also, get free Mars candies (single size 1.1 to 2.17 oz) such as Snickers or M&Ms. They are on sale 2 for $1, so you must buy two. If you use $1.00 off 2 coupon from Sunday's paper (March 18th), you get both candy bars for free! 

Reach toothbrushes and toothpastes are on sale for $.99 (if you give them the in-ad coupon found on page 12 of the Walgreens flyer) so after I use the $1.00 off coupon from the March 4th Red Plum insert, those will also be free. 

Finally, I will probably grab the Carefree pantiliners, as they are on sale for $.99. After I redeem my $1.00 off coupon from Sunday's paper, they will also be free.

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