Monday, March 12, 2012

FREE Zyrtec Money-maker and Cheap Coke 12-packs at CVS!

*Update- the $2.00 off coupon that I reference below is now sold out, but you can still do the deal even without a coupon.

CVS does this every few months or so and with allergy season upon us I am so happy to see it! 

This week, through Saturday night, you can get the 5-count Zyrtec for $5.99. Immediately upon paying, you receive $5.99 back in Extrabucks (attached to the end of your receipt). You can use these Extrabucks like CVS "play money" to purchase anything else in the store except lotto, alcohol, tobacco products or pharmacy drugs. Some people use them right away to buy items in a second transaction; others save the Extrabucks for the following week. They expire in about 2-3 weeks, so I personally like to use them sooner rather than later.

The great thing is that if you use a coupon on the Zyrtec (here's one for $2.00 off a 5 count), you pay only $3.99 but still get the $5.99 in Extrabucks back. How cool is that?! It turns into a money-maker for you!

Zyrtec- $5.99
Minus $2.00 off coupon
Total- $3.99 plus tax
After paying you receive $5.99 back in Extrabucks
Final Result: You MADE $2.00 in this transaction! 

Also worth noting at CVS this week is the 5 for $15 Coke 12 packs deal. Buy 5 Coke 12-packs for $15. After you pay you will receive $5.00 back in Extrabucks, thus making the price really 5 for $10. That's already a great deal.

But what if you did the Zyrtec deal above and then immediately used the Extrabucks that you earned from the Zyrtec to pay for your Coke?

Buy 5 Coke product 12-packs for $15
Minus $5.99 in Extrabucks that you earned from the Zyrtec deal
Pay $9.01 plus tax
Get back $5.00 in Extrabucks
Final Result: You got 5 Coke 12-packs for $4.01!

I love doing CVS deals! With Easter coming up, this might be a good opportunity to volunteer to bring the soda at your family gathering this year!

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