Saturday, March 17, 2012

Delly's Deals Weekly Radio Show Notes

Thank you to our show sponsors, I Am Salon and Day Spa, and Memories of a Child. Please support these local businesses as they help make the Delly's Deals Radio Show possible! Also, check out the March specials from I Am Salon and Day Spa. Memories of a Child has TONS of great warm weather clothes right now, so if you need spring and summer wear for your kids, as well as water gear, be sure to drop by. You get an extra 10% off if you mention my name (Delly)!

Today on the Delly's Deals Radio Show our main topics were Triple Coupons Week and Budgeting.

I suggested that everyone start with a budget. That way, you know whether you are accomplishing your monthly goals regarding spending. If you are a beginner couponer, your budget can be a little higher and you can work to lower it.

One suggestion is $100 per person in your family per month. So if there are 2 people in your family, your budget would be $200 per month for groceries. I have a separate eating out budget. 

You could make it your goal to lower it to $75 or even $50 per person per month, which will be easier as you build a stockpile of deals.

Other topics:

Triple Coupons Coming up Next Week on Wednesday at Harris Teeter! Click here for Jenny's first list of all the great deals and start pulling those coupons. I place mine in an envelope labeled "Triple Coupons."

 I shared some of my favorite drug store deals of the week. I got the Zyrtec and Coke from CVS, and Schick Razors and Rite Guard Bodywash from Walgreens. See my previous posts for explanations.

If you are interested in hosting a couponing workshop for your church or group, give me a call! You may be able to earn a couponing binder as well as money for your group!

If you'd like to see all the deals for Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Lowes Foods, CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid, go to for a list of deals and coupon matchups!

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