Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Easy Walgreens Money-Makers and Freebies!

 I made $.75 purchasing these items. Total Value: $11.48!

I dropped by Walgreens this morning and grabbed two quick freebies. Both can be done without coupons but in order to make it a money-maker you will need one coupon.

The first was free Colgate Total Advanced. It is normally 3.49 but it's on sale at Walgreens through Saturday night for only $3.00. The best part is that you get a $3.00 Register Reward back after you pay, making it essentially free! For those who are unfamiliar, Register Rewards are printed out after you pay, shaped like a rectangle, and they are like money at Walgreens. They can be used to purchase anything in Walgreens except prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, lottery or stamps. Some Harris Teeter locations will accept Register Rewards, too, although this seems to be hit or miss.
This is a Walgreens Register Reward. Don't throw it away- it's like money!

The deal gets even better if you have the $.75 off Colgate Total Advance coupon from the paper a few weeks back. If you do, you only pay $2.25 (plus tax) for the toothpaste but you still get back $3.00 in Register Rewards to spend! In this case, you end up making $.75!

The other easy deal is for Walgreens Nasal Mist Spray. I love this stuff for when I have a cold and my nose is irritated. It's non-medicated and great for cold relief. Normally is is $7.99 when not on sale. The name-brand costs $9.99. This week it's on sale for $5.00 and after you pay, you immediately get back $5.00 in Register Rewards! It doesn't get much easier than that! 

So I bought both items and paid in two separate transactions. This is what I did:

Transaction #1
Colgate Total Advanced 4 oz Toothpaste- $3.00 
minus my $.75 off coupon= 
$2.25 plus tax out of pocket
I got back: $3.00 in Register Rewards

Transaction #2
Walgreens Nasal Spray 4.25 oz- $5.00
minus my $3.00 in Register Rewards=
$2.00 plus tax out of pocket
I got back: $5.00 in Register Rewards

Total Out of Pocket: $4.25 plus tax
Total Register Rewards Remaining: $5.00!
Total Value Purchased: $11.48

Summary: Essentially I made $.75 AND got $11.48 worth of product for free!

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