Saturday, March 31, 2012

Harris Teeter Saturday Special- Gain for as little as $1.77!

Today Harris Teeter's Saturday special is 50 ounce Gain Laundry Detergent for $3.77 (limit 2). At 7 cents per ounce, that makes it an extraordinary deal! Compare that with Sams Club's price on Gain- $19.98 for 225 ounces. That comes out to 13.6 per ounce. Almost twice as much!

Of course, you know the Harris Teeter deal gets even better. I have a $.50 off one coupon that will double to $1.00 off that I plan to use AND a $1.00 EVIC digital coupon that is on my Harris Teeter EVIC page. After those two coupons come off, I will pay $1.77 for 50 ounces of Gain, which equals 3.5 per ounce! That's four times less than Sam's Club's price.

I like to point this out every few months or so. People often assume they are getting a better deal at the Warehouse Clubs and for some items this may be true. However, when I price compare, I see that the warehouse club is often more expensive than if I just bought the item on sale at the grocery store. If I also use a coupon at the grocery, the item tends to be a lot less than the warehouse club, not to mention the fees you pay for membership and the fact that people have to spend a lot more money at a time when shopping at a warehouse club. I always seem to walk out with more than I intended to go in for and sometimes found myself spending $100 + on just a few items. Then I had to go home and find somewhere to store all these huge bulk items that I overpaid for.

Switching subjects for a moment, check out my pic of my last Triple Coupons trip. I paid $14 for all these items! 

Not pictured are the Davidson's All Natural Eggs that I paid $.25 each for! I really wish I had gotten into Triple Coupons week and shopped earlier because there were some items I would have bought more of. The good news is that there will always be another special week! Rumour has it that Lowes Foods will be doing Super Doubles again and of course we can expect another special week at Harris Teeter in around 6-8 weeks!

Remember, tomorrow is the first of the month, so be sure to get your Sunday newspaper. Also, look to the left of my website and go print any coupons you like because some may disappear tomorrow! They will also reset, so you should be able to print more copies tomorrow if they're still there!

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