Thursday, March 22, 2012

Calling All Stockpilers- Help a Local Family

It has been on my mind to post this for several weeks now. I mentioned it on the radio show but this is the first post I have done.

Recently, a family that I knew personally lost their home in an apartment fire here in Wilmington in the Northchase Apartment Complex. The fire started in another unit and quickly spread. My friend, Melissa, escaped with her car keys, purse and two young children. In, all, twelve families were displaced.

Her children are playmates with my children. In fact, the day of the fire, she had just come over to my home to drop off three bags of clothes to give to my daughter. Her husband is a Fed Ex driver and they also have two older children. They are great people and are having to start completely over after this fire. What was not damaged by the fire was ruined by smoke, water damage and the subsequent mold and mildew that ensued in the days after the fire.

If you are at all able to donate a few items from your couponing stockpile, it would be so helpful, as their food was also ruined. I know that so often as couponers, we are extra-prepared and have items that we intend to use for the future. What a great opportunity to use our couponing to help others!

There are two ways to donate: Drop off at Memories of a Child Resale Store, at 6932 N. Market Street in Wilmington. They are easily found in the Food Lion Shopping Center behind the Aarons and Waffle House. This location is convenient to Hampstead, and North Wilmington. 

The second option is to email me at and let me know if you'd like for me to pick up items for you if you cannot make it to Memories of a Child. I will be scheduling a day to drive around and pick up collections of food and also any clothing (I know their daughter could use size 5/6 clothes).

I have already gotten a few generous donations and hope to receive more, as the family has expressed they will gladly share any excess items with the other eleven families who were affected.

Thank you in advance and I know they will be so appreciative!

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