Wednesday, August 22, 2012

$.34 Eggs This Week at Harris Teeter!

Print this coupon to get a dozen Davidson's Eggs for only $.34 at Harris Teeter this week!

One of the comments that I get about couponing is that there are never coupons for healthy products. This is simply not true. While I agree that there are many coupons for products that are unhealthy, if you like healthy items, those are available to you as well. One tip I give is to contact the manufacturer directly if you want a coupon for a particular product. Often, they can send you some in the mail or via email.

Another tip is to just buy more whole foods when they go on sale, versus processed or boxed foods. Whole foods go on sale, too and whole foods tend to be healthier than processed foods.

One of the items on my list for this week are eggs. I like to boil eggs and keep them ready in my fridge for an easy breakfast or to add to a salad. This week, Davidson's Eggs are B1G1 free at Harris Teeter. There is also a $.75 coupon available for you here that you can print two copies of and get two dozens. When you buy a dozen for 1.85 and use the coupon, it doubles to $1.50 off, making the dozen eggs only $.34! So, you could get two dozen eggs for only $.68! What an amazing deal!

These are great eggs, by the way. According to the Davidson's Eggs website their eggs are pasteurized and come from antibiotic-free, hormone free, vegetarian fed hens. Davidson's Eggs claim that many eggs are not pasteurized, thus making them susceptible to cross contamination and risk of salmonella poisoning.

Other healthy items that are on my list and on sale this week:

Green or Red Seedless Grapes- $.97 per pound (great price)!
Boneless Chicken Breast Small Pack- B1G1 Free
Fresh Tilapia Fillets- $5.99/pound
Harris Teeter Gallon of Milk- $2.97/gallon
Snow Crab Clusters- $5.77/pound (I can't eat shellfish but I hear this is a good price)

Even if you don't have a Harris Teeter grocery store in your area, I assure you that your store, too, runs deals on healthy items. Simply buy them and stock up as best you can when they are on sale. Apply coupons when you can, as in the case of the Davidson's Eggs, and watch your grocery bill plummet!

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