Monday, August 27, 2012

Two Days Left to get Bonus Lowes Foods Fuel Rewards!

 Click the ad above to see which items you can buy to earn money off your gas!

With gas spiraling out of control (and projected to go higher due to Hurricane Issac), I am giving the Lowes Foods bonus gas rewards program a serious look. I've done it before and it was SUPER easy. Last time I saved $.25 per gallon; this time I want to save $.50 or more per gallon!

It's simple- buy certain items and you earn money off your gas. Even better is that you can use coupons on the items you buy, too, so that in the end you pay less for the items AND still earn the bonus fuel rewards.

The fuel rewards show up on your receipt, stating how much you have accumulated. When you are ready, go to any Hess/Wilco gas station and first insert your Lowes Foods card. The pump will automatically adjust, showing the discounted amount that you will pay. 

For the past two weeks, Lowes has been running a special gas rewards bonus program with TWO full pages of items that you can buy to save additional money off your gas. Click here to see the full ads listing the items that you can buy and how much you will earn by doing so.

I start by searching for any items that I would actually want to purchase. Next, I use my coupon database to search for any matching coupons. For example, one of the items listed is Iams Dry Dog or Cat Food. If you buy one, you get $.10 off per gallon. I used my database and it said there is a coupon for $1 off Iams Dog or Cat food in the July P&G coupon insert. So, I would buy the dog or cat food, redeem the $1 coupon AND earn the $.10 off per gallon. This is great if in fact you actually need dog or cat food.

Another example is the deal at the top where you buy any two select General Mills Cereals and earn $.10 off per gallon. Let's say you buy Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. There are coupons for both of those cereals available right here on my website (see coupon center on the left). Using the coupons would save an additional $2.00 off for the cereal AND you'd earn the fuel rewards. 

Finally, there are even some items such as Lowes Foods sour cream that you can buy to earn fuel rewards. See the second page- buy any four Lowes Foods brand sour cream, chunk cheese, butter, cottage cheese or non dairy creamer to earn $.10 off per gallon. These are great items to keep on hand as staples for making a variety of recipes. 

My biggest tip is to be sure to buy the correct quantity and product size. For instance, I notice that you have to buy the bigger box of Toaster Strudels to earn the reward, versus the smaller box. So for each product, read the fine print.

You have through Tuesday night to get in and grab these deals- let me know how much you earn off your gas!


  1. Got gas yesterday as I heard that gas prices would spike due to the hurricane. Went to Lowes Foods to up my discount even more and ended up saving $3.20/gal! I got 25 gal of gas for $11.98!! That is $0.479/gal. Haven't seen those kind of prices since the 1970's.

  2. Oh my gosh- that is amazing! So, I guess there isn't any limit on how many deals you can redeem. Did you buy all of the deals?

    1. No, just bought multiple deals of the things that work for our household. Like lots of cheese. The Borden's sliced cheese was on sale and you got $0.30 off/gal for each deal of 2 you bought. Similar deals throughout the store. Many of the deals Lowes does last for 2 weeks, so be sure to stay aware or ask the store managers.

      One thing to note, if you happen to get stuck in line and the person in front of you (or behind) happens not to have a Lowes card and doesn't want one (a tourist), let them use your card and you get extra reward $$. They get discounted food, you earn gas rewards--a win/win.

      Also, do you know anything about Harris Teeter having a policy against using more than 3 identical coupons per transaction regardless of whether there isn't a limit printed on the coupon? I encountered this the other day when purchasing cat food and had multiple coupons for the cans. After some debate, the manager allowed the purchase but informed me this is their company policy. It would seem like they are trying to curb extreme couponing...