Wednesday, August 29, 2012

FREE Stayfree Pads at CVS and Walgreens!

Once again, Stayfree has stepped up to the plate with a $2 coupon that makes maxi pads free at two drug stores, CVS and Walgreens.
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In this past Sunday's Raleigh Smart Source newspaper coupon insert (August 25th), there were $2 off coupons for Stayfree maxi pads. At CVS, all Stayfree Maxi pads are only $2 through Saturday night. Use the coupon and you pay nothing for them (only tax)!

At Walgreens, the deal is a little less generous. The 14 ct. Stayfree Overnight pads are $1.99. Use the $2 coupon on those particular pads and they will be free.

One problem I had at Walgreens is that because the coupon is more than the price of the pads, the cash register would not accept them. We had to call a manger who adjusted the price of the pads to $2 so that the coupon would work. Also, the price rang up wrong for the pads in the first place, so I had to show them the ad with the correct price. 

Due to the hassles at Walgreens, I suggest you just go to CVS to get the free pads.  The transaction is much easier there.

Also, if either store is out, be sure to get a rain check. Because this is a simple transaction that doesn't involve Extrabucks or Register Rewards, you should be able to still use the coupon next week if you have a rain check.

I wish I had known years and years ago that with couponing, maxi pads can either be free or very cheap!

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