Monday, August 6, 2012

Quick and Easy Kelloggs Fruit Snacks Deal

I bought Kelloggs Fruit Snacks today at Harris Teeter for only $.25 a box!

I think fruit snacks in general are overpriced. When not on sale, they can run between $2.50-$3.00 a box, which is highway robbery. I really scratched them off my list when my 3 year old daughter told me they were real fruit!

I explained to her that they are not fruit, but rather a special treat that she could enjoy A. every now and then and B. when they are on sale!

This week they are on sale 2 for $4. Not only are they on sale but there were coupons for Kelloggs fruit snacks in yesterday's Raleigh paper AND there is a nice promo going on at Harris Teeter where you get $4 off when you buy four boxes in one transaction. Buy four boxes, use two coupons and you will end up getting the fruit snacks for $.25 a box plus tax. 


Buy 4 boxes of Kelloggs Fruit Snacks- $8.00


2 coupons from the August 5th Raleigh Red Plum for $.75 off 2 boxes- $1.50

Doubled Coupons:

Both coupons should double- $1.50

Kelloggs Promo Discount: -$4.00

Total: $1.00 for all four boxes!

How awesome is that!? That's the kind of price I like to see on fruit snacks!

By the way, we do have Halloween coming up. I think these would make a great substitution for candy, since they are individually packaged. 10 come in a box, so with this deal you would have 40 packs to give away for only $1.00 and tax out of your pocket!

This promo goes on through tomorrow, Tuesday night, so drop in and grab it today or tomorrow if you can!

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