Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Awesome Deals at CVS- paid $14.07 plus tax for $51.21 worth of products!

 I MADE money buying some of these products today at CVS!

When things work out, shopping can be so much fun at CVS! 

I wanted to share a trip that I did that you can also do, too, through Saturday night. I bought over $50 worth of products for only $14.07 out of pocket, plus taxes! Even better is that after I paid, I still got $4 back in Extrabucks to use on another order, so it's like I paid $10.07 for all of those products!

This week, many of the coupons from the Raleigh Sunday paper matched sales going on at CVS in their flyer. This made for pretty easy deals.

I split my order into three transactions, so that I could use Extrabucks that I earned from the first two transactions to pay for everything else. The cashier was very nice and did not mind at all, especially since I told her I would be doing this and also let people behind me go before I did a second or third transaction.

This is what I did:

Transaction #1
 I paid $12.07 plus tax for these facial products, and after I paid I got back $5 in Extrabucks to spend on a future order!

I bought:

1 Simple Facial Wash
1 Simple Facial Wipes
1 Simple Facial Exfoliator

I redeemed:
2 coupons, each for $1 off of a Simple Product. I got these out of the Raleigh paper. I only had two coupons; if I'd had another, I would have used it, too. 

I also had a CVS coupon for $3 off my total order of personal care products or cosmetics. I had just gotten it from the CVS coupon center before I got in line, so it pays to go over and scan your CVS card when you go into the store!

My total came to $12.07 plus tax, but I got back $5 in Extrabucks because CVS was running a promo that said, "Buy $15 of Simple Products and get $5 in Extrabucks back." Before my coupons came off, I had spent $15 worth, so that's why I earned the $5 bonus Extrabucks. Great deal. On to the next transaction!

Transaction #2
 I paid only $2.00 plus tax for all of these products!

I bought:

3 Suave Body Washes
12 Suave Lotions 18 oz
1 Irish Spring Mens Deoderant
1 Irish Spring Mens Body Wash

(CVS is running a promo where if you buy 2 Irish Spring products, you earn $4 in Extrabucks (super easy) and if you buy $12 of Suave products, you earn $4 in Extrabucks. My combination of 3 Suave body washes and 2 Suave Lotions added up to $12 before my coupons. You can do your own combo if you want.)

I redeemed: 

2 coupons for the Irish Spring products, each for $.50 off, totaling $1.00 off
1 Buy one Get one Free coupon for the Suave Lotions, which took off $3.00
1 Buy 2 get one Free coupon for the Suave body washes, which took off $3.00
1 CVS coupon for $5 off my total purchase (this came from the Extracare center on a previous trip)
My $5 worth of Extrabucks that I had just earned from Transaction #1

My total came to: $2.00 plus tax for 4 body washes, 1 deoderant and 2 big bottles of lotion! Even better is that after I paid, I got back $8 in Extrabucks to spend on my next order! Counting the Extrabucks, I actually MADE $6! Without coupons or promos, the total would have been $24.27. On to the last transaction.

Transaction #3 
 I paid $0.00 for these Kleenex and still had $4 in Extrabucks to spend left over!

I was sick last weekend and really needed Kleenex. They were not on sale, but I bought three boxes and paid for them with $4 of my Extrabucks that were left over from Transaction #2.

3 boxes of Kleenex came to $3.87. I redeemed the $4 in Extrabucks and paid $0 for them! Actually, I had to pay the $.27 in tax, but that was from the state of NC, not CVS :)

After I was done, I still had $4 in Extrabucks left to spend on another trip. I will save them to use on another purchase.

I hope I explained well how I did this. CVS offers so many promos, some weeks they are so generous, as they were this week. Simply check out the flyer for promos on products that you would use, match your coupons to them, and then use your Extrabucks that you earned to pay for future transactions. 

Let me know what kind of deals you find at CVS this week!

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  1. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog because I live near Raleigh so I won't need to wonder if the same deals apply to me! You explain everything so clearly too!! Than you.