Friday, May 4, 2012

Great Deals on Eggs This Week (As low as $.27 per dozen)!

There are great deals on eggs going on right now, through Tuesday night at Harris Teeter. If you like organic or high quality eggs, these deals are exceptionally awesome.

Land O Lakes Cage Free All Natural Large Brown Eggs (Antiobiotic-free, vegetarian-fed, cage free)

Normally $3.99 per dozen
I paid $1.00!

How did I do it? They are on sale for $2.50. I used a $.75 off coupon which doubled to $1.50 off, making them only $1.00. I found the coupons on a store display a few weeks ago and grabbed a few, but you can also print coupons from the Land O Lakes website here.

Davidson's Safest Choice All Natural Eggs (Hormone free, antibiotic free, Kosher)

Normally $3.50 per dozen
I paid $.27!

How did I do it? They are on sale for $2.00 per dozen. Harris Teeter e-mailed me an EVIC deal where they offered them to me for $1.77 per dozen, so check your EVIC email. If you did not get the $1.77, you can still pay the regular sale price of $2.00.

Anyhow, I printed a $.75 off coupon from my website (see left) which doubled to $1.50. $1.77-$1.50= $.27! You really can't beat that deal.

Even if you pay the $2.00 per dozen and use the $.75 off coupon, you will get the eggs for $.50. That is still a stellar price.

You can't even buy store-brand eggs for these prices. Just another example of the magic of using coupons!

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