Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lowes Foods Produce Club- Get Fresh Produce All Summer!

I am really excited about trying the Lowes Foods Locally Grown Club. I think it's a great way to get locally grown produce at a reasonable price. The nice thing is that you get a variety of produce each week AND you're helping out local farmers. You even get a card in the box that tells the name and location of the farm that you're buying from.

You pick up your box weekly at Lowes Foods and each box contains at least 12.5 pounds of 6-10 different items, so you get to try out a variety of produce. The boxes not only contain the history of the farmer but also recipes to help you enjoy the produce.

Generic image; not from Lowes Foods.

Cost varies between $25-$29 per week and a discount is given for the more weeks you commit to. Commit to 1 week for $29 per week, 3 weeks for $27 per week, or 6 weeks for $25 per week. 

I always recommend having a monthly grocery budget and I think that committing $25 per week for fresh, local produce is extremely reasonable. That's only $100 per month of your grocery budget and you're getting the convenience of having the local produce ready for you each week. I also like the idea that the box may come with vegetables or fruits that I haven't tried and recipes, too. Sometimes it's nice to try something new, especially for my children. It's good to let them sample a variety of produce. For instance, my kids LOVE broccoli, a vegetable that I NEVER ate growing up! I'm glad that I let them try it or I wouldn't have known.

One idea that a lady gave me is to go in on a box with someone you know, maybe a neighbor or child or parent. This way, you cut the cost but still support the program and get the produce.

The program starts June 8th and lasts for three months through September 8th. Box pickup takes place each Saturday and you can even adjust for weeks that you will be on vacation. The earlier people commit, the sooner farmers can make arrangements and have an idea of how many boxes to prepare for.

Click here for details or to sign up!

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