Saturday, May 12, 2012

Triple Coupons Week Starts This Wednesday!

Harris Teeter just keeps the fun coming! Triple Coupons week will start this Wednesday, May 16th. This means that Harris Teeter will triple up to 20 coupons per day, provided that the coupon is less than $1.00. So, $.25 will triple to $.75 off, $.50 will triple to $1.50 off, and $.75 will triple to $2.25 off. You can do this every day until the sale ends the following Tuesday night!

See my post "How I Prepare for Triple Coupons Week" to see exactly how I like to prepare. 

Also, Jenny from Southern Savers has posted the first Triple Coupons List of possible deals. Remember, we don't really know if the deals will pan out until the ad comes out on Wednesday but this is a good indicator of what to look for and what coupons to start pulling. She usually does two other lists before the week is over.

Be sure to share your deals all week on the Delly's Deals Facebook Page! I'm sure we'll do a fun promo/giveaway next week in honor of Triples!

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