Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Triple Coupons Week Coupons to Print

If you visit my Delly's Deals Facebook page, you will see where I posted 10 great coupons that you should print today. These are all coupons that will triple at Harris Teeter next week, starting tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. 

If you want additional coupons, look to the left here on my website and you will see a coupon center (I think it only works if you're using Internet Explorer. Click "See all coupons" and it will take you to where you can see all the coupons that are currently available for printing. There are so many! Don't miss out on these extra savings, especially if the coupon triples

Finally, keep in mind when printing coupons that it pays to have discretion. In other words, don't get excited and print everything, including coupons that you may not use. I only print the coupons that I'm sure I will use, particularly if it's a product that I've used in the past and enjoy. If you print all the coupons, you will be wasting your printer ink.

Share your deals all week long and check in on the Delly's Deals Facebook page for triple coupon week news! Share your deals there for a chance to win a prize!

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