Monday, September 26, 2011

Great News about Using Cellfire Coupons at Lowes Foods

I am really loving Cellfire and Lowes Foods right now! Lowes Foods recently (literally three days ago) changed their coupon policy to allow customers to redeem a paper coupon and a digital coupon at the same time for one item. This is great news, because it really makes Lowes Foods more competitive with Harris Teeter. 

Harris Teeter has been allowing the use of a digital coupon and a paper coupon at the same time since they came out with their EVIC coupons service. Initally, Lowes Foods would not allow this but they finally decided to change their policy and I will attest to you that I tried it on Saturday night and it worked! I used a paper coupon for Totinos Pizza, which came off my total and I then noticed on the checkout screen that the digital coupon came off as well. It said on the screen "Cellfire Coupon $1.00."

This new revelation makes me very eager to shop more at Lowes Foods. In fact, I actually only shopped Lowes Foods this week. Many of you know how in love I am with Harris Teeter, so the fact that I haven't been there yet this week is a big deal!
Let me give a little information about what Cellfire is. Cellfire is a digial coupon service. On their web site there are digital coupons that you can upload to your Lowes Foods card. They also have some printable coupons from Smart Source, too. Interestingly, many of the printable coupons are also found on Cellfire as digital coupons, so you could technically use both! 

Cellfire coupons can also be uploaded to and viewed on your cell phone, although I will admit that I have not used this option. Sorry- just a bit too technical for me! But if you are into using your cell phone, on the front page of the Cellfire website there are instructions on how to do this. There is also a Cellfire app that you can download for your smart phone.

Getting started with Cellfire is easy: Go to their website, register (optional- in fact, I haven't registered yet but still used the service), and enter your grocery store shopper card number. In the Southeastern NC area, only Lowes Foods stores accept Cellfire digital coupons. Once your card number is entered, it is saved. Then you simply click all of the coupons that you wish to use and they will be uploaded to your Lowes Foods shopper card. Many of the coupons are General Mills coupons; perhaps they have some sort of agreement with Cellfire. I would like to see some Proctor and Gamble coupons too, but they have yet to appear. 

One thing that I love about Cellfire is how easy it is to use. The website interface is simple to follow. After you have clicked your coupons, you can click on the "saved offers" tab to see which coupons you have saved on your card. 

Something to consider is that Lowes Foods also has a nice selection of digital coupons on their website. Simply log in, add your Lowes Foods card number and click the coupons you want. I have yet to test what happens when I buy an item that has a Cellfire coupon and a Lowes Food coupon at the same time, but I suspect it will only take one off. I will let you know when I test that.

One thing I know for sure is if you shop at Lowes Foods and do not currently use Cellfire digital coupons, you are missing out! Don't forget- the more coupons we use, the more they will add, so be sure to use the service. Finally, remember that when you also redeem a paper coupon at Lowes Foods, they will double it every day of the year, up to $.99 face value of the coupon. This is in addition to your savings from Cellfire, often making the item free or a really great deal. Buy the item on sale, then use your digital coupon and your paper coupon all at once for maximum savings. Shopping doesn't get much better than that!

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  1. Excuse me, but I was wondering if both lowesfoods and cellfire ecoupons do come off together?