Sunday, September 18, 2011

Star News vs. News and Observer!

 Today there were two inserts in each newspaper- both had a Smart Source insert and both had a Red Plum insert. I personally thought the coupons were kind of "blah" this week, but there were still some good ones worth getting, particularly a few that will triple for Harris Teeter Triple coupon week through Tuesday night.

The Red Plum inserts were somewhat thin in both papers, but there were still some good coupons. I liked the $1.00 off of two Cheez-It coupons (Raleigh paper only), $.55 off of one Keebler Cookies coupons (Raleigh paper only and these will triple) and the Rhodes Rolls $.75 off coupons (these will triple and they were in both newspapers).

Both papers also had a lot of L'Oreal coupons and both papers also had the $.35 off of Born Free Natural Eggs coupons, which should triple this week, too. I'm also intrigued by the Sprayaway Glass cleaner ad and coupon in both papers- it claims to be the world's best glass cleaner. They told me that if I try it once I'll never use anything else! I guess I'm an easy sell because I'm going to give it a shot. The $.50 off coupons they offered should triple, so that makes it attractive as well.

For those of you with dogs, you will like the many dog food coupons that came in the Raleigh Red Plum insert. These were not included in the Wilmington paper, so keep that in mind. I also noticed a few cat food coupons in the Raleigh Red Plum, too. The pet food coupons are: $1 off 1 bag of Pedigree, Buy three cans of Pedigree, get one free, $1 off two Pedigree treats for dogs, $4 off Ultra Food for Dogs at PetSmart (may be able to use elsewhere). Also, there were $1.00 off Whiskas Dry Catfood and Buy two get one free Wiskas tray cat foods.

Now on to the Smart Source insert. It was also thinner than past weeks but still had some great coupons that were worth it. The Raleigh Smart Source was significantly thicker and had pretty much all the coupons that the Wilmington paper had plus more. I particularly liked the $.50 off Johnsonville Italian Sausage coupons (in both papers and will triple), the $.75 off Tombstone pizza (Raleigh paper only) and the $.45 off Archway cookies coupons (Raleigh paper only). I also will use the $1.00 off of Fruitables 8 pack juice coupons (Raleigh paper only) and I'm interested in the $.60 off Goldfish Sandwich bread coupon (will triple), which should make it a really good deal, Raleigh paper only. 

Both papers had the $.25 off 4 Campbell's soup coupons (will triple) and the Dole Fruit Crisp coupons ($.50 off 1, which triples).

One nice bonus that I saw in the Raleigh Red Plum insert is the IHOP coupons on the front page of it! There were three Buy one Get one free meal coupons, valid M-F, no holidays, and then three 20% off your entire check, valid everyday except holidays. Those are certainly a bonus, since my husband loves to go to IHOP every now and then.

In conclusion, if I were you and I could get the Raleigh paper, I would definitely buy two copies of it and not bother with the Star News today. The Raleigh paper has pretty much the same coupons that are in the Wilmington paper plus more.

Until next week.......happy shopping!

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