Thursday, September 1, 2011

Labor Day Deals and Steals!

 This week marks the last opportunity to save big on summertime holiday cookout items. Many sales are seasonal, so since this is the Labor Day weekend coming up there are many sales with matching coupons on cookout type items. This is a good time to stock up on those kinds of items, especially things like mustard or worceshire sauce, since they can be used all year. I went through each ad to find the best deals from our local grocery chains. I only did highlights- I'm sure there are many deals that I missed, so please comment below if you find other great deals!

I did not list specific dates that the coupons came out in the paper since many of you will have them in your binder. If you are unsure, just use my Delly's Deals coupon database to search the item and it will tell you if a coupon is available and where to find it. Many of the items listed below have coupons that match, so if you're not sure, check!

Harris Teeter

French's Worceshire Sauce- FREE with $.75 off coupon
French's Mustard- FREE with $.75 off coupon
French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce- $.50 with $.75 off coupon
Heinz Ketchup- $1.00 with $.50 off coupon
Harris Teeter Brand Hotdog and Hamburger Buns- $.99
McCormick Grillmates Seasoning Packets-B1G1 (makes it $.69 each)
Texas Toast Tortilla Strips and Croutons $1.24 each *I love these- been waiting for a sale!
Reynolds Wrap- $.99 with $.55 off coupon
Ball Park Franks- B1G1- $.75 off of two or $1 off of one coupon is available
Deer Park Water 24 pack B1G1- makes it $3.75 each, plus coupons are available
Hefty Cups and Plates- B1G1- plus you can use a $.55 off of two coupon which will double
Lays Chips- B1G1
Lawry's Marinades- B1G1
Mt. Olive Pickles- $57/jar with $.50 off coupon
Vlassic Pickles- B1G1
Bakery Dept. Cakes/Cupcakes- $4.99
24 pack of Bud Light, Miller Light, Cool Lite- $13.88
Mike's Hard Lemonade- $6.99
Coke Fridge Packs- B1G1
A1 Steak Sauce- B1G1
Hellman's Mayo- B1G1
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressings- $2.99
Lays Chips- B1G1
Chicken Leg Quarters- $.77/pound
Filet Mignon Tenderloin Steak- $10.99/pound
Boneless Tenderloin Roast- $10.99/pound
**There are so many meats on sale this week at HT that I cannot list them all- check them out in the flyer!
Johnsonville Brats- $2.99
Ballpark Hotdog Buns $1.99- $.55 off of one coupon makes it only $.89

Lowes Foods

Matchlight Charcoal- I saw it on sale but cannot remember the price- coupon match-up, too!
Babyback Pork Ribs- $2.99/ pound
Boneless NY Strip Steak- $6.88/pound
Oscar Meyer Franks- B1G1
Fresh Sweet Corn- 5 for $2
Lays Chips- B1G1
Heinz Ketchup- $.50 with $.50 off coupon
Pepsi Fridge Packs- 5 for $13
Kraft Shredded Cheese- 2 for $4
Deer Park 24 pack- $2.99 (must be E-rewards member)
Steak um Burgers- B1G1
12 pack Yuengling Beer- $8.99 *There are many sales on beer this week, at all three grocery chains!
Fresh Express Garden Salad- $.97 each
Kraft Cheese- $2
Mt. Olive Pickles- B1G1, plus use the $.50 off coupon which will double
KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce- B1G1* I believe it's free after coupon
Lowes Foods Foam Plates B1G1
Kraft Salad- $1.99
Mardi Gras Napkins- $1.99
Lowes Foods 6 pack Paper Towels- $3.99
SOLO Plates- 2 for $5
French's Mustard- $1.88, only $.38 with coupon

Food Lion

Ground Chuck- $2.48 per pound
Lobster Tails- $4.99 each
T-Bone Steaks- $5.99/pound
Holly Farms Chicken Tenders and Breasts- 50% off
Kingsford Charcoal- $4.99 per bag plus use the $1 off coupon from Sunday paper
1 pound Fresh Strawberries- $2.00 each
Oscar Meyer Hotdogs- B1G1
Lays Chips- B1G1
Breyers Icecream- $1.99 each
Sweet Baby Rays- B1G1
Bush's Beans- 3 for $5 *These are also on sale at Harris Teeter and probably at Lowes Foods, too.
Food Lion Shredded Cheese- 3 for $5 *Great price on shredded cheese!
Food Lion Hamburger and Hotdog Buns- $.99 each
Food Lion Foam Plates- $1.99
Dole Salads- 2 for $5
Gatorade- $.79 for a 32 ounce *Great deal- they are $1 at Harris Teeter
My Essentials Water- $2.99 for 24 pack
Mike's Hard Lemonade- $6.99
Ken's Salad Dressing- B1G1
French's Mustard- $1 for 14 ounce
Heinz Ketchup- $2.00
Old El Paso Taco Shells- 3 for $4

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