Friday, September 30, 2011

What to do with Expired Coupons- Coupons for the Troops

Sometimes it is painful to throw away expired coupons. That might sound crazy to someone who isn't into couponing, but believe me, I understand! After you've been through the effort to clip, sort and file your coupon into your binder, it hurts to pull it out a month or two later, realizing that it has expired.

However, I certainly do not recommend using a coupon for an item simply because it will expire. Sometimes people buy unnecessary things that they otherwise would not purchase but feel compelled to buy because the coupon is expiring. Unless you plan to donate the grocery item, I would rather see you toss an expired coupon than spend unneccesary money out of guilt.

There is another option, though- donating your coupons to Coupons for the Troops! In overseas military bases, coupons can be used for up to six months past expiration. I have been told that the coupons are very welcome, particularly food coupons. 

People frequently ask me at workshops how to donate the coupons. You can mail them, but this could add up and become expensive. There is a local option here in New Hanover County- the local Senior Resource Center. The address is 2222 S. College Rd., 28403 Attn: Ashley Huffman. The center is located near the intersection of Shipyard and College Road. If you have questions or need directions, call 798-6400. There is also a web site with additional info here.

You can drop the coupons there or mail them and they will be glad to have them!

Thank you, Teresa, from my New Hanover County Employees workshop for the address and information!

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