Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Final Triple Coupon Trip

 Pictured: Grande Tortilla Chips, 4 Yoplait Kids Yogurt 4-packs, 2 Bob Evans Precooked Sausage Patties/Links, 8 Nature Valley/Fiber One Breakfast Bars, Perdue Chicken Nuggets, 3 Harris Teeter Brand Oatmeals, 1 Large Gold Peak Tea, 2 Wholly Guacamole Packs
Total Spent: $19.50 plus earned $5 in box tops!

I think I can speak for many of us when I say that I am glad to see triple coupon week come to an end! I love the great sales, but the pressure to return to the grocery store each day to maximize the 20 triple coupon limit is almost too much! I ended up going five times.

Tonight, Tuesday night, the last night of the sale, I checked out at 10:15 p.m. from Harris Teeter Mayfaire. All things considered, they were pretty well stocked. I was impressed- only a few of the items I wanted were out. The ground beef for $1.99 was long gone, but I got a rain check. The Betty Crocker Fun-da-middles cake mix was gone. I also got a rain check for it and the good thing is that since it was on sale for $.99, it will still be free next week when my $.50 off coupon doubles as usual.

Tonight I took advantage of the General Mills breakfast bar promo and bought eight of those, using coupons on all and also earning another 50 box tops certificates. 

I also just tonight noticed the Bob Evans Sausage on sale for $2.50. I had a $.75 off coupon that tripled to $2.25 off, thus making the sausage only a quarter! I did that twice since I had two coupons. Actually, I had more coupons but just tonight noticed that sale.

I got the Gold Peak Tea for free- it was on sale for $2.00 and my $.75 off coupon tripled, making it free. I also bought lots of the Dora Yoplait Yogurt for my children. After the coupon tripled, each pack was only $.87 but then I had a digital coupon, too, taking off an additional $.75. It's so interesting how there are always paper and digital coupons offered for the Yoplait yogurts each month. I can't imagine that anyone pays full price!

Looking forward to next week, I think I may take a little break from Harris Teeter. I scanned their deals that start tomorrow and they look average. I saw a few deals that I would take advantage of. Food Lion's sales look decent. They are doing their private label sale, where you get money off for buying certain amounts of their store brand products.

I'm actually very interested in Lowes Foods this week. I scanned their ad and noticed lots of great deals, including the final week of their 3 week store coupon sale that they are doing. I saw several opportunities for free items, so I may write this week about what's on my shopping list for Lowes Foods.  For now, I'm going to relax, kick up my feet, take a break and put triple coupon week behind me; but I'll be back at it shortly!

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