Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Lowes Foods Shopping Trip

I decided to do a post to highlight the deals that I got this week at Lowes Foods. Since these deals end today (Tuesday night), this is not really a post to show you deals that you can also go get right now. This is more of a post to show you the savings potential that exists at Lowes Foods, as they have become much more competitive with their pricing and coupon policy lately. In fact, I intend to give their weekly sales ad much more consideration now, whereas previously, I glanced at it for deals and saved my big shopping trip for Harris Teeter. This was the first week for me where I did my entire weekly shopping trip to Lowes Foods. I only dropped by Harris Teeter for some bags of lettuce for salads. That is a big deal for a Harris Teeter fan like me! This is also great for people in Brunswick County, who do not have a Harris Teeter on the Southern end, and for those in Leland who will soon have a Lowes Foods in Brunswick Forest.

But really, I'm not just a Harris Teeter fan; I'm a fan of anywhere that has great service, great prices and is coupon friendly. Since Lowes Foods doubles my coupons each day of the year (like Harris Teeter), and since they have a great selection of digital coupons from their website and from, AND since their sales lately have been impressive, they are much more attractive to me as a couponer. I also enjoyed the clean, well-organized store and nice selection; some items were different from what I have seen at my local Harris Teeter.

I'm already well stocked up on ground beef, cereals and paper towels, paper goods, toiletries and cleaning supplies. This was mainly a food trip.

Below are all the items that I bought on this trip:

Arnold Wide Pan Health Nut Bread
1/4 lb. Chicken Grape Salad (Fresh Foods Department)
3/4 lb. Boars Head Cracked Pepper Turkey (Deli Department)
Kraft 24 count Sliced Cheese
4 Philadelphia Cream Cheese Containers (various flavors)
1.96 Pounds of Fresh Red Grapes
Lenders Blueberry Bagels
Jimmy Dean Chicken Breakfast Biscuits 4 pack
Snyders Yellow Corn Chips 1 pound bag
2 Packs of Goldfish Crackers
1 Dannon Oikos Black Cherry Greek Yogurt
1 Pack of Carolina Pride Cocktail Smokies
2 Boxes of Zatarain's Red Beans and Rice
1 Box of Zatarain's Black Beans and Rice
1 Bag of Lowes Foods Brand Marshmallows
1 Box of Nature's Valley Peanut Butter Granola Thins
2 Boxes of Betty Crocker Fun da Middles Cupcake Mix
2 Boxes of Old El Paso Super Stuffers Taco Shells
2 Boxes of Old El Paso Taco Shells/Flour Tortilla Combos
Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Frosting
4 Cans of Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup
4 Cans of Progresso Tomato Basil Soup
2 48 ounce V8 V-Fusion Drinks
2 Baking Potatoes
2 Boxes of Totinos Pizza Rolls (15 ct. each)
Lowes Foods Mayonnaise (BIG container)
Lean Cuisine Garlic Chicken Rolls (6 ct)
2 Packs of Yoplait Kids Yogurt (4 cups each)
1 Tropicana Low Acid Orange Juice
1 Lactaid Lactose-Free 1% Milk Half Gallon
1 4-pack Delmonte Mixed Fruit Cups
Carolina Pride Thick Sliced Bacon
Greater Value Cheddar Cheese Spread

The total: $87.47

*I went back this morning to grab 5 Yoplait Greek Yogurts that they were out of last night. They normally cost $5.00 and I got them for $1.56 (used two $.50 off coupons that doubled to $2.00 off and a $.50 off digital coupon from the Lowes Foods website). 

Considering all I purchased, and that my weekly budget for my family of five is 93.74, I was happy with this trip. I did buy some meats (bacon, cocktail smokies, turkey meat) and almost everything was name-brand. I also got a free cookbook for buying the four containers of cream cheese. I was very impressed with the cookbook (full color, photo for each recipe) and plan to use some of the recipes soon.

My total pre-coupons and discounts was $146.52 and this included $4.00 worth of digital coupons from the Lowes Foods website. One thing I noticed is that the Cellfire coupons did not come off if I had a Lowes Foods coupon for the same item. They are still in my Cellfire account, but apparently the store digital coupons take preference.

I even bought a couple of things without coupons (gasp!), something I don't normally do but I really wanted them (ex. the Goldfish for my kids' lunchboxes and the Cake icing (family is coming to visit and I wanted to serve some cupcakes). I did at least get the Fun-da-middles cake mixes almost free, so I didn't mind too much paying for the icing. The Boars Head turkey is always expensive but my one luxury in life is Deli Turkey meat; I don't like pre-packaged turkey meat. Finally, the grape chicken salad is to die for at Lowes Foods, so I got a little bit of it. Also, the grapes were expensive- a little over $5! I realized when I got home that I grabbed the grapes with seeds and they were not on sale like the seedless, so I was disappointed about that.

So, if you consider the fact that I bought some items that were not on sale and also kind of expensive, that shows you how much I saved on everything else!

I hope this post has demonstrated to you that you can save big bucks at Lowes Foods. Many people (such as my husband's co-workers) claim that Lowes Foods is expensive. Since everyone has different definitions for the word, "expensive," I can't say that they are wrong for them. But for me, I will definitely add Lowes Foods to my list of "affordable" grocery stores with great selection, service and definitely coupon friendly!

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