Sunday, September 25, 2011

Star News vs. News and Observer!

This week I only found one Red Plum insert in my Raleigh News 
and Observer and a CVS coupon insert. There was supposed to also be a Smart Source insert, but I checked three papers and did not see it, so I assume that Raleigh was not included in the cities that received the Smart Source insert this week.

Wilmington Star News, on the other hand, had both inserts. There was a Red Plum and Smart Source, however I did not see the CVS coupons. Go figure!

Honestly, I thought today's coupons from both papers were extremely sparse. I only bought one copy of each paper. The Wilmington paper had 3 different Welch's coupons for juice and jelly that were not found in the Raleigh paper, so if you like those products, you will definitely want to get the Wilmington Star News. The Raleigh News and Observer had lots of pet food coupons this week, including Milk Bone, Meaty Bone, 9 Lives Cat Food, Kibbles n Bits, and Friskies Crispies. There was also a $1.00 off Perdue coupon for their new Simply Smart Breaded Chicken Strips that looks nice. I always like to see meat coupons, especially for something healthy. 

As a side note, the CVS coupons are somewhat nice. There are a good variety of food and health/beauty products. One interesting thing is that some of the CVS coupons say "store" and others say "manufacturer" at the top. The "store" coupons can be combined at the checkout counter with manufacturer's coupons for the same product for additional savings. The ones that say "manufacturer" cannot be combined with other manufacturer coupons that you have, since they are both manufacturer's coupons. Also, the ones that say manufacturer (also note their bar code starts with a "5" or "9") can be redeemed at any other grocery store. You may have problems, though, since they say CVS really big on them. Sometimes store clerks don't understand that a manufacturer offered coupon can be redeemed at ANY grocery store, regardless of what store name is printed on the coupon. I was actually told once by a store accountant that you could just cut off the part that says "CVS" to end confusion, so I will leave that choice up to you if you wish to try it!

Overall, I would say that if you missed out on this week's newspapers, you wouldn't be missing out on much. I still would suggest getting one of each, but unless you saw a couple of products that you are crazy about, I certainly wouldn't buy multiple copies this week. If you want multiples of a specific coupon from today's paper, you would do just as well to go online and order multiple copies of that one coupon from EBAY or Kuntry Klippers (see top).

Until next week......!

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