Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Benefits of Stockpiling- Brownies for Life!

OK, well, maybe not brownies for life but for quite some time! 

One of the things I stress in my workshops is stockpiling. When you see a good sale (especially when items are free), you don't want to just get one- you want to get several! It makes no sense to only buy one and then when that one runs out go back to the store next week and buy another at full price. 

You don't have to go crazy stockpiling like they do on the Extreme Couponing TV show, but you should at least buy enough to last you 4-6 weeks. Most items in the grocery store will go on sale every 4-6 weeks, so within 4-6 weeks another sale will come along where you can buy more items again. I do this with cereal all of the time. When it's on sale, I buy several boxes for myself and my children. Those boxes last me quite some time, so I only return to the store to buy cereal again when I see another awesome sale. This way, I'm NEVER paying full price for cereal! I get it for $.50-$1.00 most of the time, and we're talking all name brand!

Here's a deal that you can go out and do this week! This week (and last week), I saw that Betty Crocker brownies were on sale at Harris Teeter for $1 a box. That is already a great deal. I recall in the past running out and buying brownies at full price because I had promised to make some for a party. I paid at least twice as much. 

Not only are the brownies on sale, but there is a coupon available for them. I knew this because I used my Delly's Deals Coupon Database to search for "Betty Crocker brownies." I saw that there was a coupon so I then went to Kuntry Klippers (on the front of my webpage) to buy them. Kuntry Klippers sells coupons in sets of 20, so I ordered one set for only $.85 plus a stamp for shipping!. 

The coupons are for $.75 off of two boxes of brownies. Harris Teeter will double that to $1.50 off! So, since the two boxes are on sale for $1 each ($2 total), that makes it $.50 for both boxes! That's only a quarter a box of name brand brownies.

So, of course I didn't just buy two boxes- I bought 18 (for only $4.50)! I could have bought 40 boxes with all of my coupons but I decided to share some coupons on the shelf for others. I figured that buying 18 boxes would be plenty to hold me until the next brownie sale comes up, probably around the holidays. Looks like I will be bringing brownies to any potluck dinners or special events for the next few months!. My son has a birthday coming up so what will we be having? Brownies of course!

One note about stockpiling- be careful and look at the expiration date. These brownies don't expire until mid 2012, so I figure that I should have used most of them by then. 

Happy Stockpiling!

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