Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Staples 1 Cent Sale

 My friend, Tracy has a blog, over at A Slice of Smith life, where she shares her adventures in parenting and homeschooling. Among other topics, she also mentions the occasional sale. She wrote about the one cent sale at Staples that is going on right now and got some wonderful deals.

I went to the Staples on College Road this morning and there was still quite a bit in stock. My favorite deal was the $.25 printer paper. There is a limit of two, so I got two reams of 500 pages each for $.50! This will definitely come in handy for some of the coupons that I print! For the paper deal, you do have to do an easy rebate, but I promise you it really is easy. You can go online to fill it out and Staples will send you a check in the mail. I've done their rebates before and it took maybe five minutes to fill out each one. Well worth the savings in my opinion!

Other items that are part of their 1 cent sale include (and yes, the items really are 1 cent! there is a limit of two):

Staples erasers 12 pack
BIC Round Stic Ball point pens
Staples school glue

There are also some $.25 cent items, and $1 items. The sale ends today; I am not sure if they will have another 1 cent sale tomorrow, but I do know that there will be great deals for teachers and homeschool parents coming up soon, so stay tuned to Staples! As soon as I hear about more deals, I will post here and on Facebook.

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  1. Thanks Delly for linking up to my Staples post :) I'm glad you found some good deals at Staples!