Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Using Catalina Coupons- Sixty Cents for 8 Turkey Burgers!

I got a great deal tonight at Food Lion using a Catalina coupon. I paid only $.60 for 2 packs of turkey burgers from Butterball! Each pack had four burgers, so I got a total of 8 burgers for only $.60. I love saving on meat!

For those who don't know what a Catalina is, it's the little machine that prints out coupons at the register when you pay. They are the long, skinny coupons that you get with your receipt. Their bar code starts with the #9, so they do not double, but often they are special deals or promotions, sometimes related to your grocery store savings card and sometimes just special offers from the manufacturer.

Since they are manufacturer's coupons, they can be used at any grocery store, regardless of where they came from. They WILL ring up, provided that the cashier doesn't get confused and start thinking that they cannot take Catalinas from another store. Unfortunately, sometimes even cashiers don't know their own store policies.

Last week I received a Catalina at Harris Teeter for $3.00 off of one package of Butterball turkey burgers. I noticed that they were on sale at Food Lion this week for $2.50 a package, so I took my Catalina there and got them for FREE! Even better is that Food Lion let me keep the $.50 in overage, so I applied it to another pack of turkey burgers in the same transaction. I also had a manufacturer coupon for those turkey burgers for $1.50 off of one, so after tax I ended up paying only sixty cents! What a great deal, especially on meat.

Now, let's keep our fingers crossed that myself, my husband and my kids actually like the turkey burgers!

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