Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saving on Water

I wanted to mention ways to save on water today, not only on drinking water but on your water bill as well.

If you buy water, as I do, it can begin to add up. I used to buy the gallons of water from the store, for around $.99 a gallon. I thought that was a great deal until I found Southern Water. They are a pure, distilled drinking water company here in Wilmington, located near the airport off of 23rd Street. Their water tastes crystal clear, like nothing I've ever tasted before. And no, Southern Water is not paying me to say this! 

Besides the fact that it tastes so good, all of the impurities are taken out of it, so there is nothing left in the water. I used to buy drinking water from the store because I was worried about the quality of the local tap water. Well, come to find out, I heard on the news that many bottled water companies were simply packaging tap water and selling it! Some filter it a little but some bottled water was still found to have fluoride, drugs, and bacteria in it! So, I opted for 100% pure distilled water. 

Best of all, it's only $.59 a gallon and you can take your own gallons or get water from them. I get the big 5 gallon jug and have a kitchen cooler unit. My unit is the basic kitchen cooler unit, but a friend of mine had a very nice cooler unit that was stainless steel and blended in well into her kitchen. As a bonus, the buttons on the top were not reachable for small children. 

To switch subjects, I wanted to mention a creative way to save on water for your yard. This idea is not mine; it came from a lady at my workshop, Virginia. She told everyone that her husband placed a bin under the air conditioning pipe behind their house. She said that you wouldn't believe how much water drips into that bin each day. He then went even further by building a rain barrel into the ground to catch all of the drippage from the unit and he attached a hose to the rain barrel and used that water to water the lawn! 

I decided to try this myself. I took my kids' water table and put it under the drain pipe. Sure enough, it filled up overnight! I have not gone as far as building a rain barrel but I do dip the water out and into a watering can and I use that water to water my garden rather than water from the faucet. I cannot believe how much water I am saving!

Below is a video of what I am talking about. Try it! (Please ignore the weeds and sediment in the water table). Unfortunately, the air conditioning pipe is not located in the most attractive area of my yard!

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