Saturday, July 9, 2011

Video- Couponing on Carolina in the Morning Part Two- The Checkout

In my last blog post I wrote about being on WECT's Carolina in the Morning show with Claire Hossman on Tuesday morning. We did a shopping trip on T.V. where I gave advice on how to save in the store. At the end, for the grand finale, we did a shopping trip where my goal was to spend $20 or less for a cart full of groceries. I told Claire that I had only brought in a $20 bill, so if I went over I would have to put something back! I definitely didn't want to embarrass myself on TV like that, although I would have probably used it as a teachable moment learning experience for others.

I made a point to buy a variety of items; I got fresh vegetables, fruit, chicken, almonds, turkey hotdogs, toilet paper, and many other items. I wanted to show how people could get a variety of items in the grocery store for a great price, all name brand. I will list everything that I bought underneath the video. Do you think I met my goal? Take a look at the video to see!

Items that I bought: Cottonnelle toilet paper 12-count, Franks Red-Hot Sauce, 8 ears of fresh corn, 4 bananas, 24-count Lipton Iced Tea, Lloyds Pulled Chicken, Oscar Meyer Turkey Hotdogs, 2 Boxes of Muellers Spaghetti Noodles, 50 oz Gain Detergent, Mr. Clean cleaner, Crest Toothpaste, Reynold's Wrap (50 feet), Dove Deoderant, French's Spicy Brown Mustard, Domino Light Brown Sugar, French's Worceshire Sauce, Nesquick Chocolate Milk, Mahatma White Rice, Blue Diamond Can of Low Sodium Almonds

In the end, the grand total was $18.55 (you don't see this on camera because we needed two overrides), which was pretty amazing for  21 items (I counted the veggies and fruit as one item each for the group). The bill pre-discounts was $49.00 and change, so I saved over 50%, which is my base goal that I teach in my workshops! What a fun shopping trip and thank you to WECT and Claire Hossman for allowing me to do such a fun segment on air!

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