Thursday, February 9, 2012

Join the Savings Train

There was a great article recently on Media Post about how much money consumers saved last year by using coupons. Read for the grand total? Drumroll.........4.6 Billion Dollars!

This was a 12.2% increase from 2010. Amazing! Not only that, but in the past five years, since 2006, coupon use has increased by 58.6%. I have definitely noticed that more people are interested in couponing, including men and younger, single people. I also see more binders and couponers in the store and more media coverage of couponing. Finally, the plethora of blogs and Facebook pages related to couponing is further proof that people are seeking out and providing information on how to save big in the grocery store.

I do believe that the numbers will continue to grow due to the recession and the sudden popularity of couponing. Word is spreading!

How about you? Has your couponing increased at least 12.2% in the past year? What about 58.6% in the past five years? What prompted you to begin couponing? I'm glad to have you along with me for the ride!

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