Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Not-to-Miss Money Maker at CVS!

I paid $2.97 plus tax for all of the above at CVS. After I paid, I got back $6 in Extrabucks to spend, PLUS I will submit a $5 Rebate from the 1/29 Sunday paper, so in the end I will come out MAKING $7.07 from purchasing those items! Total savings- $26.06!

I just had a ball doing a simple transaction at CVS where I came out making money by the time it was done! Not only that, but I will make $5 MORE if the rebate that I submit today comes through.

Here's the deal:

CVS is running a promo where if you spend $12 on select items, you will receive $6 in Extrabucks after you pay. The qualifying items are found on page 4 of the CVS weekly sales flyer, but I will list them below for you:

Lady Speed Stick 2.3-3 oz.
Regular Speed Stick (Men) 2.3-3 oz
Colgate Total or Sensitive (5.8-6 oz)
Colgate 360 Toothbrush
Irish Spring or Softsoap Body Wash 15-18 oz
Irish Spring Bar Soap 3-4 pack
Softsoap Liquid or Foaming Hand Soap 8-8.5 oz

By the way, those are some large sizes! I bought the body washes and they are huge! The toothpaste is a big container, too. They are all on sale and had matching coupons, which makes the promo even more fun.

So, my strategy was to buy the cheapest items and apply the largest coupons. As long as your pre-coupon total is $12, you will still earn the $6 Extrabucks reward, even if you don't end up paying $12 after all your discounts! 

So I bought:

4 Speed Sticks (2 mens and 2 womens) for $1.99 each. 
I used 2 B1G1 Free coupons from the 1/29 Raleigh Sunday paper, so two of the four ended up being free.

1 Colgate Sensitive Enamel Protection Toothpaste. 
I used a $1.00 coupon from the Raleigh 1/21 Sunday paper.

1 Irish Spring Body Wash for Men.  
I used a $1.00 off coupon from the Raleigh 1/29 Sunday paper.

1 Softsoap Body Wash (Pomegranate and Mango- it smells divine!)
I used a $.75 off coupon from the Raleigh 1/29 Sunday paper.

I also got lucky today. I walked into CVS and scanned my CVS Extrabucks Card at the card scanner. When I did, a $3 off my total purchase coupon printed out. Apparently, I earned this from my fall spending, so that made things even better. 

After all the items rang up and the coupons plus $3 Extrabucks came off, I paid $3.93 out of pocket! This included $.96 in tax. After paying, a $6 Extrabucks reward printed off my receipt! I can redeem this in the future at Harris Teeter or at CVS. 

Amazingly, it gets better......there is a black history month rebate in the Raleigh 1/29 Smart Source insert for Colgate-Palmolive Products. If you spend $10 on them, you can earn a $5 rebate by mail. I will submit it and hopefully it will go through without any problems. I'll let you know the outcome of that and when I receive it.
This is what the rebate form looks like. You can find it in the Smart Source insert from the Raleigh 1/29 Newspaper. Deadline to buy and submit is March 15, 2012!

So, counting the Extrabucks I earned and the rebate, I came out having made over $7 on this transaction! Plus, I got some amazing products. I tell you what- there's no excuse for anybody in my household to smell bad thanks to Colgate-Palmolive and CVS!


  1. You use your ECB's at Harris Teeter?? How does that work?

  2. I know you can use the Walgreens RR at Harris Teeter, but HT told me one time that they don't take the CVS rewards. Have you tried the CVS rewards at HT with success?

  3. Hi Libby- yes, Harris Teeter takes competitor's coupons for money off the total order. @Tracy- I did use an ECB at Harris Teeter from CVS a few months ago with no problems. I guess I'll have to try it again and see if it works this time!